Caddie Application

To apply for the Meadowbrook Caddie Program, please fill out the information below. 

Meadowbrook's Caddie Program is among the finest in Southeast Michigan and helps develop commitment, character, and camaraderie.  The following information can help you determine if our Caddie Program is right for you.  

Contact Matt Russell with any questions about Meadowbrook’s Caddie Program.  Meadowbrook's Caddie Hotline is 248-349-6598.  The Meadowbrook Caddie email is 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. How do I become a caddie at Meadowbrook Country Club?
You must register to become a caddie, attend a training session (in the spring), and pass both a written and on course test. A training session consists of three  lessons. The written test will be taken after the last lesson.

2. Do I need to know how to play golf to become a caddie?
No, but a basic understanding of the game of golf is helpful.

3. When are the training sessions held?
As soon as the weather permits in the spring, typically April through May.

4. Does everyone who signs up for caddie training become a caddie?
Registration opens on February 15th at 9:30am, we take the first 150 applicants. Registration typically closes soon after. All caddies must pass both a written and on course test.

5. When does caddying start?
In Michigan, the golf season is typically May through October, depending on weather conditions. Caddie opportunities are available on Tuesday Evenings and on the weekends during the school year, and Tuesday through Sunday in the summer months. Meadowbrook Country Club is closed on Mondays.

6. Are all caddies the same rank?
At Meadowbrook Country Club there are four caddie ranks, or levels of experience. The ranks are: B, A, Captain and Honor. Caddies are promoted to the next rank based on ability, course knowledge, number of rounds completed, member feedback and years of experience. The higher the rank, the more each caddie will be paid.

7. How does a caddie get paid?
Each caddie is paid by the round (aka “loop”) by the member for which they caddie. Caddies will be paid once a week by check or directly by the member to the caddie by Venmo.

8. Are there benefits available to caddies?
Yes. Besides the pay per loop, caddies can play golf on Mondays when the club is closed. We also celebrate our caddies on Caddie Appreciation Day with a Caddie/Member Tournament and Banquet at the end of the golf season. Additionally, there are scholarships available to eligible, college-aged caddies.

9. What is the age requirement to become a caddie?
You must be turning 13 years of age or older, the year you are registering to caddie( born in 2008 or before). Proof of age is required.

Caddie Uniform

The Meadowbrook Country Club Caddie uniform consists of khaki pants or shorts (not cargo), caddie bib, white polo shirt, cap and a caddie name badge. A sweatshirt or jacket may be worn in colder conditions. 

Evans Scholars Foundation

The Evans Scholarship was founded by golf great Charles "Chick" Evans, Jr. (1890-1979). The Western Golf Association sponsored Evans Scholars Foundation administers the nation's largest privately funded college scholarship program, providing full tuition and housing grants to deserving caddies. Since the first two Scholars enrolled at Northwestern University in 1930,  over 8,500 caddies have earned their degrees through the program. Tuition and housing grants are renewable for up to four years, representing an average value of $80,000 over four years. The Foundation owns and maintains Evans Scholarship Houses at fourteen universities, and Scholars are enrolled in six other schools. While the program is national in scope, its focus is principally in the Midwest. 

Meadowbrook currently has eleven caddies that are on scholarship and attending the University of Michigan (5) and Michigan State University (6).                                           

There are four primary criteria for scholarship grants:

  1. Candidates who are nominated by their golf clubs, must have a documented caddie record with a minimum of two years of caddie service.
  2. Candidates must have an excellent high school academic record, ranking in the top 25% of the class.
  3. Candidates must demonstrate financial need.
  4. Candidates must have outstanding personal character.

To learn more about the Evans Scholars Foundation and the Western Golf Association, visit the website:

The 2021 Caddie Application is now closed.